Andy Seuss finishes third at the Beach, not dismissing full schedule


It takes a lot to transport a Tour Type NASCAR Modified across the east coast, but two-time southern champion Andy Seuss would consider a full season only under the right circumstances.

The 2014 and 2015 champion of the now defunct Southern Whelen Modified Tour finished third on Saturday night at Myrtle Beach Speedway in the unified tour opener. It was a valiant effort considering that he spun out on Lap 55 to bring out the first caution.

The 30-year-old praised NASCAR’s one tire per pit stop rule for allowing him to methodically work his way through the field. He was leading with 22 laps to go when a caution came out for a Dave Sapienza spin in Turn 4 that also collected Todd Szegedy.

Seuss came in to change a tire and restarted 10th. He picked up a few spots when both of the big crashes happened within 10 laps to go but believes he could have gotten back to the front on pure speed alone.

“Overall, it worked in our favor, we just needed green flag laps there at the end,” Seuss said. “I think we would have benefited from a lengthy green flag run just because of how our car was responding and we didn’t get that with some of the crashes.

“The caution that came out with 20 laps go really hurt us because we were leading. I wish we hadn’t had that next caution come out either because we took a tire and then we rode around under yellow for a bit. That’s not the clean-up crew’s fault either, it was just drivers’ faults for guys getting into each other on an aggressive track like this. That’s the nature of the beast.”

Seuss leaves third in the standings but never planned to run the full schedule. The Hampstead, New Hampshire native will occasionally return home with owner Eddie Harvey and will be in attendance at the Icebreaker at Thompson in a few weeks.

And who knows, if he has another solid finish, it could encourage him to chase a unified Modified Tour championship.

“Tentatively, we are going to the Icebreaker,” Seuss said. “There’s also a chance we could go to Stafford too. It’s an expensive sport, we’re a smaller team, and we’re going to have to pick and choose our battles. These good finishes help when you’re not having to spend extra money on repairs. So maybe this purse money will help us make the rest of the schedule.

“It’s going to take another really good finish at Thompson to change our minds though. It’s a tough schedule with a Wednesday race at Thompson and so many races up north when we’re based out of North Carolina.”

Seuss expects to run a handful of southern open races and will appear in a few more ARCA Racing Series events as well.

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